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Cost Reduction: 3D Printing In The Automotive Industry Display Skills To The Full

Cost Reduction: 3D Printing In The Automotive Industry Display Skills To The Full

3D printing is a kind of image of "additive manufacturing technology" of the description, its core is the combination of digital and intelligent manufacturing and materials science, using computer software to design three-dimensional processing style, by forming specific equipment, solid wood liquefaction, powder, silk material layer "print" product. 3D technology is a revolutionary technology, methods of manufacturing distributed personalized it brings, the production cost, resource consumption and environmental impact are greatly reduced.

In the field of 3D printing, SLS selective laser sintering technology is widely used in automotive, military, aerospace, machinery manufacturing and other industries, the technology can automatically and quickly, directly and accurately design ideas into a function prototype or production parts directly (die), will effectively shorten product development cycle. The principle is to make a design of items into 3D data, and then printed layer by layer according to these data, a piece of print, and then superimposed together, become a three-dimensional object. The mass production of differentiated into the rapid production of personalized, large-scale production methods will change the mode of production of small scale distributed method. The technology is being more and more auto parts manufacturers by application to auto parts research and design of pre production. Is mainly used for printing cylinder head, intake manifold and exhaust passage sharing parts prototype rate is high, can save a lot of cost and time. At the same time, for the customer, using 3D printers to produce parts with better quality and lighter weight.

The application of 3D printing technology in the field of automobile manufacturing, can reduce cost and save time. It is reported, 3D printing applications in the production of automobile parts, the development of metal structure from simply on plastic parts development extended to. Only the 3D printing industry to participate in technical innovation and materials research and development, the whole industry to get rapid expansion. In this view, use the 3D printer to print all car parts may is just a matter of time, continuous innovation and application to 3D printing technology.

For the 3D printer, the modeling of complex objects and the most simple cube and cylinder is the same, and material saving. The application of 3D printing technology in the automobile field, can help automotive customers faster, more accurate print out the product model, to facilitate designers to evaluate more quickly, saving time and labor cost in the manufacturing process.

The use of 3D printing technology, can flexibly change the design, realization of flexible production. At present, in the field of automobile manufacturing, the use of 3D printing or to achieve a small batch production of the product, but for those who need to mass production, the traditional mould manufacturing process will be an advantage. In the future, as the application of computer technology to the product design, 3D printing technology in the field of automobile manufacturing, high efficiency and low energy consumption is bound to set off a wave of intelligent technology revolution.
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