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Demand and Advantage of CNC Batch Processing

Demand and Advantage of CNC Batch Processing

Demand of CNC batch processing

  1. Product usage: For example, research projects, gift customization, souvenirs and other series

    products only need more than a dozen sets or hundreds of sets, and they do not need to be manufactured on a large scale through die opening. In this way, CNC processing can be used, which can save cost and also can save money.

    2. The market demand of products is uncertain: for example, the products just developed have not been able to predict the market demand;

    3. Product immaturity: if a product has just been developed, the product structure or appearance design is not reasonable enough, etc.

  2. Cost problem: For some companies or individuals, when they encounter capital turnover problems or market risks in the early stage, they can't put into mass production group first, so they have to carry out small batch CNC processing first.

  3. Product process problems: For example, the particularity of a product's structure and size can not be opened, but there is a market, so CNC must be used for small batch processing.

    CNC Processing

    CNC processing: raw materials are directly processed to meet the requirements of the sample. CNC processing speed is fast, sample surface quality is good. After finishing the surface spraying, silk printing and electroplating process, the products are even more glorious than those produced by open-die production. CNC technology is applicable to a wide range of materials. ABS, POM, PC, PA, metal and other materials can be used to process samples to meet different customer needs. Especially the samples processed with high quality and high density engineering materials have incomparable strength and toughness. The CNC processing equipment can program and split the three-dimensional drawings. It can directly produce the products needed by processing the corresponding materials, especially the large-scale products. It can directly realize the functional characteristics and has a wide range of applications.

    Advantages of CNC processing:

  4. Direct use of Engineering plastics. Material cost is low, and material selection range is wide

  5. The machine and equipment are stable and easy to operate.

  6. Parts can be properly decomposed

  7. It is especially suitable for processing parts with large size and simple structure

    Common materials for CNC processing:

    ABS, PC, POM, PP, PMMA, Nylon, Bakelite, Aluminum Alloy, Zinc Alloy, Low Carbon Steel, Copper, Stainless Steel. In addition,  Teflon, PBT, PPS, PEET and Polyurethane foam can also be used as processing material.

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