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Graphene Back 3D Printing Materials To Create A More Advanced 3D Manufacturing Industry

Graphene Back 3D Printing Materials To Create A More Advanced 3D Manufacturing Industry

As a kind of rapid prototyping technology, 3D laser printing technology in recent years Redubujian, more and more enterprises, research institutes, and even ordinary industry tentacles 3D laser printing. According to the prospective industry research institute "Chinese laser 3D printing materials industry development prospects planning report" data show that in 2009-2014 years, the global laser 3D printing market to 30.1% annual compound growth rate of growth, in 2012 the global 3D laser printing equipment market size of $2 billion 204 million in 2017 is expected to reach $5 billion, in 2028 will be more than tens of billions of dollars.

After 20 years of development, has entered the laser print 3D aerospace, construction, medical, housing construction and other fields, the future of its application will be more broad, now the industrial grade 3D laser printing is showing its magic.

In the national strategy under the guidance of Chinese graphene research and patent holders in the world to occupy a space for one person. Countries in the "12th Five-Year" plan will clear the new material as an important strategic emerging industry; the National Natural Science Fund Committee has been allocated more than 300 million yuan funded graphene related projects.

Graphene for investors is not a strange noun, in fact, as early as in the past few years in the two grade market has seen a wave of speculation. Distribution from the whole industry chain can be seen, which is divided into upper, middle and lower reaches, upstream including materials and equipment for the preparation of graphene, graphene is mainly in all kinds of products, is currently the main downstream applications, including many fields of composite materials, electronic information, storage etc.. The application will also spread in all industries, which is when the hot 3D laser printing.

At present, the research is in the middle stage of early transition to the application of global graphene industry. In 2014 the enterprise engaged in graphene industry in China has exceeded 1000.

The cornerstone of the new material as the advanced manufacturing industry and other emerging industries, its development and industrial process will become a key point of supporting manufacturing power in china. The focus of future graphene, 3D laser printing field.
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