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The New Technology Of 3D Printing To Straighten The Disease

The New Technology Of 3D Printing To Straighten The Disease

A 14 year old girl A Ying, seven meters tall, weighed only more than and 70 pounds, hand foot long long is very thin, even worse, scoliosis, only twisted walking to work 90 degrees to write at his side...... Originally, Ingrid was born with a rare Marfan syndrome (commonly known as the "Spider Man"), one family for this disease distress.

The prevalence rate was 1/100000

Marfan syndrome is a hereditary connective tissue disease, autosomal dominant inheritance, prevalence rate was 1/100000. Most of the patients are not slender limbs, height significantly above average, arms horizontally span is greater than the length, it was known as the "spider man". The disease often accompanied by cardiovascular abnormalities, scoliosis and skeletal abnormalities in patients with congenital cardiovascular malformations of about 80%.

The past statistical data show that 1/3 patients with the Marfan syndrome who died before the age of 32, with an average age of only 40 years, most of the patients are the major causes of death were cardiovascular disease and spinal deformity caused by lung failure. Due to genetic, Ingrid a are suffering from varying degrees of Marfan syndrome, but most Ingrid prevalence, but for poor families, have not been treated. In school, many times by peers as a monster, because of appearance reasons by peer discrimination. A better, the family took her everywhere doctor.

3D printing technology navigation surgery

Ingrid doctor, deputy director of the Department of orthopedics center of Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University professor Zhu Lixin said, the difficulty of operation Ingrid large, high risk, recommend the use of the latest 3D printing technology navigation surgery. He said: "the 3D print out of the artificial vertebral body is in accordance with the anatomical structure of the spine Ingrid completed structure reconstruction and production, which is conducive to our precise selection of suitable location."

6 hours, Zhu Lixin successfully completed the digital spine precise minimally invasive surgery. After a week, you can walk the floor ingrid. She was surprised to find himself, also has grown nearly 10 cm, 173.5 cm noaw she seemed a lot of confidence, "I can stand up to go to school!" Zhu Lixin said, after the operation of Ingrid good recovery, it is normal to write. In addition, the future of her life and normal people.
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