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Why Small Batch Production

Why Small Batch Production

On the one hand, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce and the market is divided (the market is like a big cake. There are many enterprises that make the same or similar products, so each enterprise has a smaller portion of the cake).

On the other hand, people's needs are becoming more and more individualized. With the progress of social civilization and the prosperity of life, we can stimulate personality and dream of everyone, and people pursue colorful personalized life.

The characteristics of multi-variety small and medium batch production:

1: Product manufacturing cycle is long and order period is long.

2: Universal equipment, more people, low production efficiency, low labor productivity.

3: High cost.

4: Product quality is not easy to guarantee.

Since the economic system reform, many machinery industry enterprises in China have faced the problem of transition from small variety, large and medium batch production to multi-variety and small batch production. This is the objective requirement and inevitable trend of the development of productive forces. However, the production organization of machinery industry has always been based on large and medium batches, and the management of production organization of large and medium batches is relatively mature. However, there is still no systematic and mature research on multi-variety and small batch production, and there is no relatively complete theoretical system and practical model. The basic characteristics of multi-variety and small-batch production are that there are many varieties and few batches, the products are on the stage irregularly, the degree of specialization in the workplace is low, the proportion of general equipment is high, the types of equipment are complete, the logistics and information flow in the production process are complex, and the control is difficult. Traditional management ideas can not effectively control the new production reality, so there are many urgent problems in the management of a considerable number of such enterprises in China. The realization rate of production plan and operation plan is low. Production technology preparation is in a hurry. Balanced production (including production balance and load balance) is difficult to achieve; in-process occupancy is large. A large number of production management does not rely on planning to control, supervise and coordinate (so-called "rule of law" in production management), but on a small number of managers.

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