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What Are the Advantages of 3D Printing?

What Are the Advantages of 3D Printing?

3D printing has started to develop since the 1980s and 1990s. Until now, it has become popular all over the world in just a few decades. It palys an important role in various fields such as aerospace, automobiles, industrial manufacturing, film and television models, and personalized customization. Why is 3D printing able to develop so rapidly? What drives its development? Let's listen to DUCH GROUP's analysis!

Pro 1. The more complex the product, the simpler the production

3D printing is integrated. As long as a three-dimensional data file is formulated, no matter how complicated the structure is, it can be printed directly. It can be said that the molding process of finished product  is not affected by its complexity. Compared with traditional industrial manufacturing, products with a certain level of complexity are almost impossible to be manufactured. But products with complex structure is easy for 3D printing. On the contrary, complex products demonstrate the advantage of high quality 3D printing service.

Pro 2. The more general the idea, the more detailed the product

As the saying goes, dreams are colorful and reality is crucial. In many cases, the designer's ideas are very creative, but in the actual manufacturing process often is impossible to realize the designer's ideas due to the constraints of technology and hardware conditions. In this case, designers can only compromise and sacrifice their creativity to meet the manufacturing capability. 3D printing designers are no longer constrained by traditional craftsmanship and manufacturing resources and can focus on creativity of product form and functional innovation. Under the concept of "what you want is what you get", they pursue "creating without limits". 3D printing adopts the optimal structural design, needing no consideration of the the processing challenges and can solve the manufacturing problems of high-end complex and fine-structured parts of power equipment, such as aerospace, ships and automobiles. It can be said that the more bold the idea is, the more it can reflect the advantages of 3D printing services.

Pro 3. The more products manufactured, the more environment friendly

In the stereotype, wherever a city's industrial zone is ralated to manufacturing, it is always inevitable to encounter the problems regarding environmental protection and sustainable development. However, 3D printing, as a characteristic process of additive manufacturing, consumes almost no energy and materials. According to relevant statistics, compared with traditional manufacturing, wasteof 3D printing is reduced by at least 80%, and the more it is used, the more benefits for environment it produces. 

Pro 4. the more urgent the need,  the faster the production

A big feature of 3D printing is that it is formed in one piece, which means that there is no need to open the mold. Three-dimensional image can be directly used to print a finished product. Urgent personalized products need to be reproduced one by one through traditional processes, while 3D printing can directly produce products. The more urgent the product, the more advantageous it is.

Pro 5. the higher the technology, the lower the cost

When it comes to high-tech, the first reaction is expensive besides unpredictable. It seems that high-tech products must be expensive has become a fixed mindset. But from the perspective of 3D printer small-batch manufacturing provided by manufacturer, the feature of no mold opening enables 3D printing to realize the simultaneous production of completely different personalized products in a short time, which not only saves time but also saves costs. From the perspective of fast prototyping, it is also true. For example, car prototyping is made by 3D printing, and it is printed directly without opening the mold. If there is a problem with the prototyping, you only need to adjust the three-dimensional image and print it. It can be said that the more high-tech fields such as aerospace, automotive, personalized small-batch customization, etc., the more cost advantage 3D printing can manifest.

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