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Why Should We Use CNC Steel Machining Equipment?

Why Should We Use CNC Steel Machining Equipment?

With the rapid development of economy, China's infrastructure construction has become better and better, so some industries related to infrastructure construction have also achieved rapid development, and the CNC machining equipment industry is one of them.

Nowadays, more and more construction projects such as highways, high-speed rails, bridges, tunnels. are inseparable from standardized steel products. Most of these products are produced by CNC steel processing equipment. In fact, the large-scale steel is not the only product of CNC steel processing equipment. Why is the steel CNC machining equipment better than ordinary labor? Let's analyze the reasons one by one below.

1. Labor cost:

Basically, one person can operate the CNC steel bar processing equipment, while manual processing requires 2-3 people for the most common bending process, and the production efficiency of manual processing is even lower than the CNC steel bar processing equipment. For example, a CNC steel bending center can process more than 6,000 steel bars a day. If it is processed by pure human resources, it will take several people at least several days of work.

2. Processing quality:

With the CNC steel processing equipment, the whole process is automatically controlled by PLC. The machining quality and machining accuracy are very high with the error in millimeters, and the machining progress can be controlled freely. For ordinary manual processing, the labor intensity of workers is very high, and the quality is difficult to control. And the progress rate differs from person to person, which is a difficult problem to deal with.

3. Material cost:

For ordinary manual processing, the material waste is very serious, which reaches at least about 6%. However, the material waste is almost negligible if we use the steel bar CNC bending machine processing equipment.

4. Environmental protection:

During the manual steel processing, the construction noise is very loud, which causes serious noise pollution. It also causes serious energy waste. However, if we use the CNC steel processing equipment, which keeps in line with the national energy conservation and environmental protection direction, we will not suffer from these problems.

5. Construction safety:

Ordinary manual processing of steel bars will occupy a large amount of space on the construction site, and there are a lot of hidden safety hazards from the placement of the steel bars to the processing process. Besides, the management is very complicated and difficult. The CNC steel processing equipment occupies less space, simplifies management and improves production efficiency.

Infrastructure engineering and CNC steel processing equipment have slowly taken part in the process of ordinary civil construction, of which the most direct example is the CNC steel bar bending machine.

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