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Dongguan: The Metamorphosis From The Machine Substitutions To 3D Print

Dongguan: The Metamorphosis From The Machine Substitutions To 3D Print

The machine substitutions let the world factory in Dongguan to complete the automation transformation, now, Dongguan manufacturing planning to promote the development of 3D printing industry, help Dongguan manufacturing to Dongguan made.

Dongguan is the important base of hardware plastic manufacturing, industrial design institutions and the majority of industrial enterprises strong demand for 3D printing technology. The use of 3D printing technology can not only simplify the industrial design process, reduce the difficulty and cost of manufacturing model, and can shorten the development cycle of new products, improve the efficiency of research and development, help to promote the "made in Dongguan" to "Dongguan made change.

Greatly reduce the sample making time

"In the past, a sample production need to mold making, but also for the parts assembly, the time spent is calculated by month. Now, using a sample 3D printer, no matter how complex processes can be up to dozens of hours to complete." Dongguan 3D printing technology alliance chairman, Guangdong Billiton Starr Polytron Technologies Inc chairman Wu Fengli told reporters, using a 3D printer can greatly save time, improve the efficiency of production samples.

"3D printing from the source to subvert the manufacturing industry, labor workers, skills, production line management will be of no great importance." The Secretary General Luo Baihui introduced the International Association of mold, low price to promote the rapid popularity of 3D printer. Although the 3D printer is still not completely replace the traditional injection molding manufacturing process, but print some prototypes, simple toys have been more than sufficient.

"In the future, 3D printers will be cast, and milling machine, spray injection and other traditional manufacturing equipment alongside, or even replaced." Luo Baihui said, with the print yield gradually increased, the future employment needs will be greatly reduced.

The potential of flexible supply chain

A sample of "rapid prototyping is immediate benefits. But I think, for the enterprise, according to the market dynamic start or stop production, no inventory, the most obvious is beyond the traditional manufacturing." A guest alliance in Dongguan responsible person view, 3D printing more disruptive because of its flexible supply chain: "if the market is not good for the reaction of a product, you can immediately stop production, but also flew into the new product development application."

In the traditional manufacturing mode, customer production requirements, enterprises should according to the market is expected to determine the number of each batch of production, and then carry out mass production. But once put into production, whether it is only the first pile up in excess of requirement or demand, output at market reaction. 3D printing can print the product, make decisions based on market feedback effect.

The material 3D printer is the most common plastic printing products, the strength and hardness is far from the requirement of industrial production. Dongguan 3D printing technology alliance secretary general told reporters that the current material technology, application of the 3D printer or to sample production, if you want to print the industrial product components, there are many difficulties to overcome, the material is a big problem.

The author from Dongguan Hengli science and technology innovation service platform to understand, the next step, 3D printing service center will strengthen leading domestic and foreign 3D printing units and related areas of cooperation and exchange of technical experts. On the one hand, to continuously improve the technical level of 3D printing, 3D printing technology to service; on the other hand, further research and development of 3D printing technology deeper projects, expanding the application field of 3D printing, 3D printing faster and better applied in more areas, promote the development of manufacturing industry in Dongguan.
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