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Reaction Injection Moulding

Reaction Injection Moulding
What is Reaction Injection Molding?
Reaction injection moulding, shorted as RIM, is suitable for small-scale trial production in the product development process, as well as small-volume production, simple structure of the cover and production of large thick-walled and uneven wall thickness products. Reaction Injection Molding or RIM molding is one specific kind of injection molding. The reaction injection molding process starts from polymer liquids and then bonds plastics into a polymer. 
Applicable molds: resin mold, ABS mold, aluminum.
The mold casting material is: two-component polyurethane material.
Physical properties: similar to PP/ABS, anti-aging, strong impact resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

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Reaction Injection Molding Processes

Adding two or more liquid monomers or prepolymers to the mixing head in a certain ratio and mixing them evenly under pressure;

Reaction Injection Molding Process 1

Immediately after mixing, it is injected into a closed mold, and the polymerization is rapidly solidified in the mold, demolded, and the product is taken out. Particularly suitable for the production of large-area parts, such as car bumpers, fenders, dashboards, etc.

Reaction Injection Molding Process 2

Advantages of Reaction Injection Molding

  • Fast production and high efficiency
  • Product size is accurate
  • Low cost
  • The appearance of the parts is beautiful and the impact resistance is good

Reaction Injection Molding Applicaitons


Medical instruments

Low-pressure perfusion is mainly used in the automotive industry, as well as the production of large-volume products with relatively simple product structure and uneven thickness of plastic products. This type is mainly used for medical products, and the instrument casing is similar to the medical trolley casing. Instrument housing, reagent device housing, car bumper, car hood, etc.

We have the world's advanced reaction injection molding machine, low-pressure perfusion equipment and perfect low-pressure perfusion molding production line, and have a reaction injection molding factory of more than 20 years' history. We can provide small-scale production of workpieces quickly, and provide post-processing services such as polishing, painting, assembly, etc. The advantages of this technology are short production cycle, high production efficiency and low cost. Complete small batch production equipment provides a strong technical guarantee for fast and accurate order fulfillment. Low-pressure perfusion is very suitable for the interior and exterior of automotive interiors, small and medium-sized production, assembly and assembly of medical instrument chassis.

If you are looking for professional and reliable reaction injection molding companies, please contact our professional team at [email protected] or contact us using the inquiry form on this website, we will provide quotes and suggestions free of charge.

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