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In The Film Festival Ended Trophy Is 3D Printing

In The Film Festival Ended Trophy Is 3D Printing

On the evening of 19, the first China - Canada International Film Festival in Montreal Canada closing. The closing ceremony in the Film Academy Awards held at Concordia University in Montreal.

The film festival for a period of four days, the international film screenings and selection is one of the main activities in the International Film Festival screenings, 85 best films plus two, and produce 13 plus Film Academy award. The movie "Before the streets" won the Best Film Festival Award, Canadian actor Sasha Samar ("The Name Carry" You film) and Chinese actress Ding Liuyuan (film "umbrella head and his woman") won the best actor and actress.

According to the Film Festival Executive Chairman Song Miao introduction, the film festival by science and technology characteristics, highlighting the combination of art and technology. AR mobile phone application development team released the film festival at the opening ceremony, the audience can directly scan brochures on the movie poster to watch movie trailers. At the same time, the film festival in the Film Academy Award trophy for 3D printing. In addition, schedule various forums, exchanges, seminars are all science and technology as the core, to explore the integration between the film and the new technology and interaction.

Concordia University in Montreal as an important partner of the film festival, the school principal Alan Shepard said many graduates are engaged in work related to the movie, but also the emergence of a large number of outstanding academic works. The Berlin International Film Festival honorary chairman, International Film Festival Golden Bear Award winner, China fourth generation of the famous director Xie Fei said that the cooperation of film festivals and institutions of higher learning is a good way to promote the development of the film industry, "young people are thinking and exploration of cutting-edge, there is a youthful dream movie."
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