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The Output Technology of CAD Model-the Practical Application of Rapid Prototyping Technology

The Output Technology of CAD Model-the Practical Application of Rapid Prototyping Technology

After the CAD model is designed, it needs the technology that can produce it in quantity. Rapid prototyping technology is one of them. It is a high-tech manufacturing technology based on material accumulation method, which can produce CAD design model quickly. This technology was considered to have a great prospect when it was developed. Now we mainly look at the application of this technology in the practical field. I hope this can also help you learn some knowledge.

  1. The application of rapid prototyping technology in the process of new product modeling design has established a brand-new product development model for industrial product designers and developers. The application of RP technology can quickly, directly and accurately transform design ideas into physical models (samples) with certain functions, which not only shortens the development cycle, but also reduces the development costs, and also makes enterprises take the lead in the fierce market competition.

  2. In the field of mechanical manufacturing, due to the characteristics of RP technology, it has been widely used in the field of mechanical manufacturing, mostly for the manufacture of single-piece and small-batch metal parts. Some special complex parts can be directly moulded by RP technology because they only need one piece of production or less than 50 pieces in small batches. The cost is low and the cycle is short.

  3. Rapid tooling has long production time and high cost. Combining rapid prototyping technology with traditional die manufacturing technology can greatly shorten the development cycle of die manufacturing and improve productivity. It is an effective way to solve the weak links of die design and manufacturing. The application of rapid prototyping technology in die manufacturing can be divided into direct and indirect moulding. Direct moulding refers to directly accumulating and manufacturing molds by RP technology. Indirect moulding is to produce rapid prototyping parts first, and then copy the parts to get the required moulds.

  4. In recent years, the application of RP technology in medical field has been widely studied. Based on medical image data, RP technology is used to produce human organ model, which has great application value for surgical operation.

  5. In the field of culture and art, rapid prototyping manufacturing technology is mostly used in artistic creation, cultural relics reproduction, digital sculpture and so on.

  6. In the field of aerospace, aerodynamic ground simulation experiment (wind tunnel experiment) is an indispensable part of designing advanced space-to-Earth shuttle system. The model used in this experiment has complex shape, high precision and streamlined characteristics. It uses RP technology. According to the CAD model, the entity model can be automatically completed by RP equipment, which can guarantee the quality of the model.

  7. At present, the rapid prototyping system has been widely used in domestic household appliances industry, making many household appliances enterprises take the lead in the domestic. For example: Midea, Warburg, Kelon of Guangdong; Chunlan, Cygnet of Jiangsu; Haier of Qingdao and so on. They have successively used rapid prototyping system to develop new products, and achieved good results. Rapid prototyping technology is widely used. It can be believed that with the continuous maturity and improvement of rapid prototyping manufacturing technology, it will be popularized and applied in more and more fields.

    Through the introduction above, we believe that you have a comprehensive understanding of the mass production technology of CAD model and rapid prototyping technology, and also have a general understanding of the wide application of this technology. If you want to know more about the production technology of CAD model, you can find a suitable strategy on the Internet. More importantly, we will provide you with high quality service if you need autocad design.

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