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The Subversion Of The Traditional Car Which Is Stronger?

The Subversion Of The Traditional Car Which Is Stronger?

The subversion of the traditional car which is stronger?
"Fighting cock, cock fighter, oh yeah." I believe we talked about sketch in this sentence is classic quotations. Recently, in the Guangzhou And the emergence of a "battle Crane": three weeks ago, the Red Crowned Crane "Li" in Guangzhou A zoo in the fight, resulting in almost complete rupture of beak necrosis, "Li" was sent to a local animal hospital for treatment, doctors use 3D printing technology, it made a titanium alloy "on the bill". Seeing this, netizens have joked: "there is a black technology weapon, now everyone beat it".

Indeed, since 3D printing technology has been popularized, it became the hearts of many people, universal artifact". 3D printing technology is a digital model of a file, the use of powdered metal or plastic material can be bonded to construct an object layer by layer by way of printing technology.

Through the 3D printer, it can be a variety of material selection, want to print out the shape, and applied in industrial manufacturing, jewelry, and even artificial organs etc.. It is also because of the universal 3D printing technology and plasticity, let it become the most popular technology.

The subversion of the traditional car which is stronger?
As an attempt to "black vanguard technology", is not each big enterprise car circle Miss "3D printing". From the beginning of 2014, the world development company who in the "3D printing car" project invested a lot of money.

In 2014, the world's first use of electric vehicles turned out 3D printing parts manufacturing, the Called "Strati electric car" Debut at the Chicago international manufacturing technology exhibition. The manufacturing process of a new product in just 44 hours, only 40 parts. In addition to the power transmission system, suspension , batteries, tires, wheels, line, electric motor and the windscreen, the remaining parts including chassis, dashboard, seat and body, by the 3D printer, the materials used for carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics.
The subversion of the traditional car which is stronger?
It is because of the use of plastic material, make "Strati" quality to reduce the noise reduction effect is also obvious. "The car is very quiet in the driving process. Due to the adoption of integrated carbon fiber materials, the body did not issue any sound." Engineer John - Rodgers said. In addition, "Strati" and the maximum speed of up to 64 kilometers per hour, a charge can travel 190 km to 240 outstanding performance.

Just a year later, the world's first 3D printed car "BLADE" to meet with you, this car is not 3D printing technology with the "Strati" is the same, but the use of 3D printing aluminum "nodes" structure. After the designers use 3D to print carefully build a node with complicated shape, the carbon fiber tube shelf it together. When all the nodes are printed, several workers can be a few minutes the car chassis assembled. 3D print "BLADE" car weighs only 0.64 tons.

The subversion of the traditional car which is stronger?
In small series, car companies and Research Institute are in 3D printing technology efforts, the first is the value of the A variety of 3D printing materials. You know, in the pursuit of the car Lightweight Today, the quality of light vehicles can not only save the manufacturing cost, but also can reduce energy consumption and protect the environment, it yijuduode. 3D printing materials for plastic, alloy, aluminum and other materials, the texture is very light, very suitable for the automobile manufacturing has become the main material of the future.

At the same time, as 3D printing new things very flexible. At present in the automobile manufacturing plant, a pipeline can only produce one or two car parts, to launch new models, it is necessary to re introduce new machines. While the 3D printer can according to different data, print out different products. That is to say, the introduction of a 3D printer, you can at the same time as the various types of service, do not have to worry about the replacement model.

The subversion of the traditional car which is stronger?
In addition, due to the characteristics of 3D printing technology can be customized and cool, let it become the darling of the young people. With the Car Buying younger groups, many people saw when buying a car is not cost-effective, but not out of the ordinary fuel consumption, and personality. Therefore, in the future, 3D printing customized car is likely to be sought after by young people, has become the new trend of automobile.

Although there are many advantages of 3D printed car, but rather than "unmanned" and" new energy "These two technologies, 3D printing is still young, it is also faced with many challenges and PubMed, such as the use of what kind of materials to print out the car that is portable and safe? 3D the car can print production? 3D printing automobile related industries and regulations when molding etc.. These problems are 3D printed car, and even the entire 3D printing technology must be overcome.

Black technology every year, but there are a few successful molding. 3D printing technology flexibility, diversification of the material and customizable features, are very consistent with the needs of the automotive industry, but if you really want the subversion of the traditional automobile manufacturing industry, and even 3D printed car into thousands of households, must not act with undue haste. Correct guidance, rational development is the kingly way.
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