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What Are The Advantages Of CNC Parts Processing

What Are The Advantages Of CNC Parts Processing

The spindle speed and feed range of CNC parts processing is wider than that of general lathe. The optimal cutting parameters can be selected in every process. The rigidity of CNC lathe structure allows CNC lathe to carry out strong cutting with large cutting parameters, thus effectively saving the maneuvering time. Acceleration and deceleration control is adopted in the positioning of moving parts of CNC lathe, and high empty travel speed can be selected. The positioning and non-cutting time is shortened in the machining plant.

When using a machining center with tool library and automatic tool changing device, the workpiece can complete all the processing procedures only by one clamping, which reduces the turnaround time of semi-finished products and has a very high production efficiency. The processing quality of precision parts is stable and the inspection time can be reduced. CNC lathe can improve efficiency by 2 - 3 times than ordinary lathe, and the productivity of complex parts can be increased by more than ten times or even dozens of times.

Precision parts processing generally has better safety protection, automatic chip removal, automatic cooling and automatic lubrication devices. CNC lathe does not need to use many tools like general lathe. It only needs a small number of fixtures. Once the part drawings have been modified, the new parts can be processed in a short time by modifying the corresponding program parts. Therefore, the production cycle is short and the flexibility is strong, which provides favorable conditions for the production of many varieties and small batches and the development of new products.

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