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Which Precision Parts Need CNC Processing

Which Precision Parts Need CNC Processing

Precision hardware processing is now the advanced processing of precision parts. The parts used in this kind of processing are generally relatively small, because the precision requirements of the parts are relatively high and the price rises naturally, so the scope of application can be relatively small. So which precise parts need CNC processing? In the production process, different parts need to be processed and manufactured. In fact, to a large extent, this is because customer demand is constant. Some parts are used in some precision equipment, such as medical equipment, electronic equipment and so on. This kind of parts will be more complex in processing, and it is also difficult for many manufacturers to produce in large quantities.

Generally speaking, the number of parts requiring NC machining is small, but the processing shape is complex. Although parts do not need very complex tooling, they need some more diversified shapes, which is the difficulty of the whole workpiece manufacturing. In the process of processing, because a relatively stable quality level is needed, and the processing accuracy is relatively high, it is necessary to carry out numerical control processing. In daily life, the parts such as precision axle and optical fiber tail shank are common. Some parts need to be machined to a degree that can not be observed by the eyes, so the processing technology requirements for operators are relatively high.

However, it can not be mass produced. The batch operation of this kind of parts can not guarantee the relative stability of quality, so it can only be produced in small batches. Of course, in the current manufacturing industry, the demand for these components is relatively limited, so only some large manufacturers will provide corresponding production services.

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