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3D Printing, Mold Industry Demand

3D Printing, Mold Industry Demand

3D printing companies targeting the manufacturing industry in Dongguan. The well-known 3D printing equipment manufacturers Zhuhai leadom Electronics Co. Ltd. will be the new conference in Dongguan, 60% of the company's customers in Dongguan, concentrated in the mold industry.

Industrial grade 3D printer industry called "Bai Fumei", technology and material requirements. The conference site, the suppliers and the application of taking many of the 3D industry, they are optimistic about the prospects for the industry, but as the South China University of Technology professor Liu Bin said, the current major pain points in the development and the price of the printed material.

Released two new products in Dongguan

The day before the new conference, the company released two industrial grade 3D printers: SLA (stereolithography) industrial curing 3 D riverbase printer, SLM (selective laser melting metal 3D printing technology) industrial metal 3D printer w alnut. Organizers, the latter is the first use of riveros operating system Chinese metal 3D printers, 3D printer operating system is equivalent to the "brain", while riveros is the first domestic research by the West independent intellectual property rights 3D print scanning point source operating system.

"Dongguan is the world manufacturing center, is also the most developed industrial 3D printer application city, West Publishing new industrial 3D printer will promote the region industrial transformation from traditional manufacturing to 4". Public company director He Siyi explained why, held a press conference in Dongguan, fancy Dongguan market potential.

In 2011 the company focused on desktop 3D printing, 3D printing industry at the beginning of this year to enter the level. The company responsible for the introduction of Yang Xiaoting, 60% of the company's customers in Dongguan, concentrated in the mold industry, compared with the traditional casting, 3D printing efficiency to be higher, the product development of synthesis, structure for complex products, aerospace, biomedical, cultural and creative fields. "A machine of more than 30 yuan, depending on the enterprise operation, if the business is good, in fact, can recover the cost of. A company that specializes in printing business factory needs more than and 50 sets of equipment, and ordinary manufacturers, need 2 to 3 units of equipment".

The metal powder still need to import raw materials, developed to be a breakthrough

3D printing technology and material industry level requirements, the industry threshold is much higher than the desktop 3D printing, and the current industry pain points mainly in the high cost of printing, which includes the cost of equipment and materials.

South China University of Technology professor Liu Bin introduced in the "application" of metal 3D printing technology in the mold industry in 3D is added to the traditional casting, but now the market technical indicators can meet the production equipment is too expensive. In addition, according to statistics he had done, the metal powder 3D printing manufacturers do have 40 to 50, but most concentrated in the medical field, and specializes in mould steel powder is relatively small, so the raw material development also has the pain point.

Yang Xiaoting said that the current domestic resin materials industry has been achieved, and the metal powder still need to rely on imports, in her opinion, the greater is the Bottleneck Breakthrough materials. But as the market matures, the technology matures, she is optimistic about the 3D industry level market, will usher in the outbreak of the market, Dongguan is an important market for them in Southern China district.
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