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3D Can Repair The Damaged Brain Meninges Print

3D Can Repair The Damaged Brain Meninges Print

"Most people don't really understand 3D printing, the lack of sufficient awareness. Many of today's 3D printing enterprises after ten years or will not exist, because now 3D printing is not their true appearance, the technology is still in the profound change." The day before, China 3D printing technology industry alliance executive director Luo Jun told Technology Daily reporter interview said.

3D printing is an advanced intellectual frontier of technology, are highly concerned about the world. The Chinese government also introduced a continuous number of documents, to encourage and support the technology development and industrialization, but on the surface of the prosperity of the 3D printing industry seems to mask industry development dilemma. This year, 3D printing industry has been a very strange phenomenon, the traditional 3D printing enterprise performance fell sharply, and a number of emerging enterprises rapidly.

In this regard, Luo said that this year the 3D printing industry is the emergence of shuffle signs, the traditional old enterprise performance decline, mainly because of insufficient technological innovation, technological backwardness, high price, this is the result of the homogenization of the competition. While a number of metal printing enterprises are booming, the metal industry began to heat up, the surge in demand. However, whether that metal printing era has come, still need to observe, may only be phased.

Although the technology of domestic 3D printing business is not dominant, but the number is the world's largest, domestic 3D printing industry is entering a stage of disorder?

"Domestic 3D printing because of the late start, so far no original technology." Luo Jun said that China is currently engaged in 3D printing companies close to 200, 70% concentrated in the desktop printing field, and enterprises engaged in industrial production and R & D printers have forty or fifty, engaged in the metal printing of the thirty enterprises, engaged in bio printing companies probably close to ten, from the material printing enterprise is about twenty or thirty. It can be said that the total number of Chinese 3D printing companies close to or more than China outside of the global 3D printing enterprises.

"It is not easy to judge the domestic 3D printing industry in a disordered state of development, market competition, survival of the fittest, this is the law of nature. In the past a long period of time, the domestic development of 3D printing are mainly concentrated in several universities, because of the restriction of school system, the development of these enterprises is slow, in the fierce competition in the market does not have any advantage, but was beyond a number of emerging enterprises." Luo stressed.

3D printing industry how to healthy development, this is Luo Jun and led the alliance to think about the long-term.

"The key is to open the application market, any emerging technology development must be starting from the application, if the application of the market can not effectively open, good technology has no meaning." Luo Jun said.

Luo said that the development of 3D printing industry should not worry, starting from the application, to build an open service platform, so that the majority of users do not need to buy equipment, do not need to put the case to be the first to enjoy it, only the application of open market, upstream and downstream resources will be in the local cluster.

In June 29, 2015 in support of the Qingdao municipal government and the Qingdao high tech Zone, Chinese, 3D printing technology industry alliance to create the world's first 3D printing open service platform for the official opening. Then, the first 3D printing education training platform, the first 3D printing online business platform, the first 3D printed record passenger incubation platform have been put into use, a year running effect is very obvious. Recently, the League will start in second 3D printing innovation center in Suzhou to build the platform.

"Overall, rely on the alliance and enterprises to promote the 3D printing science popularization, popularization, processing services, strength is very weak, but also need the government from the" home appliances to the countryside "mode, give subsidies to the use of 3D bidirectional printing enterprises and processing service platform, to encourage and support more enterprises to take the initiative to accept 3D printing technology. Only in this way, quickly opened a door to application of 3D printing industry, health care, education and other fields, and not just a window." Luo Jun calls.
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