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The Global 3D Printing Industry Baotuan Development Plan

The Global 3D Printing Industry Baotuan Development Plan

The highly anticipated 2013 world 3D printing technology industry conference held recently in Beijing, the conference is sponsored by the Asian Association of manufacturers, China 3D printing technology industry alliance, the British growth timber manufacturing alliance co sponsored, from the United States, Germany, Britain, Belgium and other international and domestic more than and 600 representatives attended the meeting, the current development and trend of global 3D printing, 3D printing application prospects in biomedical, cultural creativity, industrial manufacturing and other fields are discussed and analyzed, but also for domestic and foreign enterprises to print 3D cooperation projects docking, to discuss building a high end platform.

China 3D printing industry and promote international dialogue

CEO of the Asian Association of manufacturers, Chinese 3D printing technology industry alliance Secretary General Luo Jun introduction, 3D printing technology for many years, has not been developed, the key reason is that 3D printing technology is not very strong alternative technology, in addition, 3D printing technology both at home and abroad, generally there is a situation of "small and scattered". 3D printing technology to develop, must hold together for development, cluster development, and quickly open the market applications and services. He said that any new technology must be widely used in the market, will further improve and mature.

Luo said that the World Conference of 3D printing technology industry not only is to initiate the establishment of the world 3D printing technology industry alliance, but to the problem of domestic 3D printing technology "small and scattered", through the establishment of Chinese 3D printing technology industry alliance, integration of industry resources, establish a dialogue and cooperation mechanism, found with international counterparts between the gap. By hosting the World Conference of 3D printing technology industry, one can promote China 3D printing industry and international dialogue and consensus further find the gap; the two is the integration of the global 3D printing industry resources, called Baotuan development, the global 3D printing industry cluster development, to jointly develop the market; three is to strengthen dialogue and exchanges with the 3D printing industry the majority of the market between users, enhance the awareness of the community of 3D printing technology.

China manufacturing leading must use 3D Technology

3D printing technology, is a digital model of a file, the use of powdered metal or plastic material can be bonded to construct an object layer by layer by way of printing technology. Compared with the traditional manufacturing, 3D printing manufacturing advantage? The United States 3D printing leader enterprise general manager of Stratasys Asia Pacific and Japan region Jaglom pointed out, 3D printing can reduce the cost of error frequency, in the design process, let your creative more convenient, so that people can stay at home to achieve many ideas. Such as a toy, using the traditional CIC processing mode, we must mold, can take 3 weeks or even a month's time, this will cost about ten million yuan, the more complex the mold more expensive.

As an expert of the earliest in the development of industrial 3D printing technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology professor Shi Yusheng believes that the Chinese manufacturing output ranks first in the world, but to maintain the dominant position for a long period of time, rely on the traditional technology must use 3D to print difficult to continue, and other advanced technology. He even believes that in the Chinese manufacturing industry, from the initial stage and the world at the same level only 3D print. He is optimistic that, along with the country recently launched a series of science and technology support program, domestic 3D printing equipment in reliability, material properties and other aspects of species, will gradually and the international level racing together bridle to bridle.

The development of 3D printing technology at home and the overall performance is good, the accumulation of technology, especially the 3D printing industry application does not lag behind foreign countries, and has passed the 3D printing technology to create the world's largest titanium alloy machine of aircraft components, up to 5 meters in diameter. Compared with the traditional cutting manufacturing, 3D printing technology to save a lot of valuable resources.

In technology, 3D printing has the following advantages: the design of 1 degrees of freedom, the shape of the product structure is greatly improved, and the shape of the increasing complexity of almost no additional cost; 2, the manufacturing process is simplified, the general level of digital level and equipment manufacturing rose further; 3, improve the utilization rate of raw materials. The production of waste reduction.

Internationally, in 2011 the global 3D printing output is $1 billion 700 million, an increase of 29%. China manufacturing Champions League director general Luo Baihui believes that the next three years, the domestic 3D printing market scale can reach 100 billion, the world's largest 3D printing market. He is expected to 2018, the global 3D printing output will reach $8 billion. The development of 3D printing industry has experienced three stages, from the laboratory to industrial applications, to the industrialization cultivation stage, and then to the stage of rapid development of industry.

In recent years, the rapid development of 3D printing industry. The total income of industry leading companies 3Dsystems company also showed an overall upward trend in recent years.
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