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Definition and Characteristics of Small Batch Production

Definition and Characteristics of Small Batch Production

Small batch production is a unit of customized production and small batch production. There are many kinds of products produced in small batches, and the output of each variety is small. It needs to organize production according to the needs of users. It has the advantages of flexibility and good adaptability to the external market.

  1. Brief overview

    Owing to the wide range of batch production, it is usually divided into "mass production", "medium-batch production" and "small-batch production".

    Small batch production refers to the production of special products which are basically required in small batches.

    Single-piece small-batch production is a typical make-to-order (MTO), which has similar characteristics with single-piece production and is customarily called "single-piece small-batch production". Therefore, in a sense, "single piece small batch production" is more in line with the actual situation of enterprises.

    It is composed of customized products (such as customized clothing and turbines for hydroelectric power generation, etc.) and small batch production units.

  2. Basic characteristics

    Small batch production has the following characteristics:

    1. Long manufacturing cycle and long ordering period.

    2.Universal equipment, a large number of employees, low production efficiency and low labor productivity.

    3.High cost.

    4.Product quality can not be guaranteed.

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