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This Year'S National Day Tiananmen Chang'An Avenue Flower Bed All 3D Print

This Year'S National Day Tiananmen Chang'An Avenue Flower Bed All 3D Print

Tiananmen square and Chang'an Avenue along the flower arrangement plan announced yesterday, the center of the square flower is the theme of "blessing of the motherland" big basket. From Jianguomen to Dongdan, Xidan to the revival of the door has 5 three-dimensional flower beds. Due to avoid 17 at the Beijing marathon, Tiananmen square put until the night construction admission, is the square showing the 32 year history of one of the latest construction. Full 25 days of the completion of the flower bed, flower bed display time will continue until the middle of October.

This Year'S National Day Tiananmen Chang'An Avenue Flower Bed All 3D Print
The two ring road, River Road, Lin Shi Road, Majiabao, West Street and other important contact line and park, square, overpass node will also carry out the landscape arrangement, were placed more than and 200 Mosaiculture, using a variety of about 15000000 pots of flowers.

The square is still placed "big basket"

This year the center of the square is still a big basket flower". Beijing City Bureau of parks, compared with other shapes, flowers can express wishes people's blessing of the motherland, thriving rich, strong and prosperous, so the recent annual basket shape, the future may also often use other flowers. According to reports, this year the center flower size consistent with previous years, the basket design reference to the Qing Dynasty painter Ding Liangguang's "Four Seasons flower paintings". Flower peony, Magnolia, lotus, rose, with "plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, the largest flower has a diameter of 3 meters. The basket body is inlaid with the blessing of the motherland "and" celebrate "and" 1949-2016 ".

In addition, the people's Heroes Monument to the north and west sides, first arranged group of words flower bed, content is not forget the early heart "and" move on". In addition, the Tiananmen square on both sides of the 12 root style adopts the laser projection color pattern, the night light after will be constantly changing, bamboo and other auspicious clouds pattern.

The construction unit Beijing flowers flower company said that at the beginning of design with respect to the Tiananmen square, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and the surrounding buildings collocation, in accordance with the effect, standing in the bed before 30 meters to 35 meters to take the best position.

"Zhaozhou Bridge" to the car

All flower beds are using 3D print this year. "Previously used only in the center of the flower beds on the technology, the purpose is to let each flower flower position is more precise, more accurate, so that the basket more vivid. All the flower beds will be 3D print this year. From the drawings of the design, to the flowers presented by the aircraft, the Great Wall, the fruit, the United States and girls, by the technology." Staff introduction.

The Long March, the Winter Olympics, Beijing World Horticultural Exposition and other elements are integrated into the flower design. Fuxingmennei northeast corner will put a group to reflect the theme of the long march of the flower beds, and embedded with the full text of Mao Zedong poem "Qilu Long March"; the southwest corner of Jianguomen flower show high satellite lens, C919 large aircraft, high-speed rail, sea Doo No. China manufacturing elements; the southeast corner of Dongdan "Silk Road Bridge" parterre "Zhaozhou Bridge" king of the bridge 28 meters long, 6 meters high, with 20 thousand pieces of amber brick building, is strong enough to run the car on the bridge, the inlaid "The Belt and Road" along the more than and 80 national flower.

Landscape flower arrangement this year, but also for the first time the use of their own breeding new chrysanthemum in Beijing, there are about 167 thousand pots, these chrysanthemum, flower clusters more Kam cluster, the color is more rich and colorful. And early flowering time, to September 25th, the 'eleven' before and after the most gorgeous." Staff introduction.
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