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Branch Introduce

Branch Introduce

Xiamen DUCH Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd.: service design research, brand strategy, product design and back-end industrialization services, interior decoration design, etc., involving automotive, biotechnology, medical equipment, aerospace, cultural and creative products, Military facilities, consumer electronics, household appliances and other fields. The company introduces excellent designers at home and abroad. The company focuses on providing customers with solutions from concept to commoditization, and strives to provide customers with the best service.

Huli Xiamen Duch Industrial Design Co., Ltd:

Beijing Duch Zhenghe Sci & Tech Co., LtdBeijing DUCH Technology Co., Ltd.: Established in 2008, it is a production enterprise that provides rapid prototyping, mold design and manufacturing, mass production and film props production. Rapid prototyping has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. In recent years, the company has continuously carried out technological innovations, strengthened service awareness, improved product quality, and continuously promoted the branding strategy, and gradually grew into an influential enterprise in the industry. With the accelerated pace of development of the company and the steady growth of domestic business, the overseas market has also achieved a historic leap, laying a solid foundation for the strategic planning of the group company.

Suzhou DUCH Model Production Technology Co., Ltd.Suzhou DUCH Model Production Technology Co., Ltd.: Established in 2006, it is a professional technology-oriented enterprise specializing in industrial rapid prototyping, mold design and manufacturing, and small batch production. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen DUCH Group. Relying on its unique location advantages and the resource advantages of the group companies, the company has successfully established its corporate brand image. At the same time, the company continues to introduce a variety of cutting-edge technology and technical personnel, and strive to provide quality services to customers at home and abroad.

Vistar (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd.: Under the umbrella of DUCH Group, it is a full-industry chain provider and resource integrator of 3D printer, 3D printing material research and development, production, sales and service. In-depth cooperation with many well-known research institutes at home and abroad, developed a number of core control software with independent intellectual property rights, independently developed a variety of 3D printing equipment, product lines covering FDM, SLA, SLS, SLM. In response to the call of “Made in China 2025”, Vistar Company built a 3D printing intelligent manufacturing base and built an industrial 4.0B2M personalized e-commerce, leading the new era of intelligent manufacturing of Industry 4.0.

Vistar (Xiamen) Technology Co Ltd

Xiamen Magics Trading Co., Ltd.:affiliated to DUCH Group, the company provides industrial products assisted design and production through one-stop service from model making, mold making, injection molding, painting, printing, assembly, packaging and shipping.

Xiamen Magic trade Co, Ltd

Xiamen DUCH Molding Technology Co., Ltd.: a large-scale enterprise integrating product design, rapid prototyping, precision mold, injection molding and assembly. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen DUCH Group. The company is guided by technology and quality as the core.

Xiamen DUCH Molding Technology Co., Ltd.

ZYKC (Xiamen) Material Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of resin materials, always paying attention to the user's terminal needs, positioning 3D printing technology experts and professional 3D printing technology integrated solutions. supplier. Rapid prototyping, mold design and manufacturing, and small batch production of industrial products have been actively and effectively tried in various fields of industry and manufacturing. It has been widely used in the main battlefields of the national economy such as automobile, aerospace, aerospace, electronics, home appliances, industrial design and higher education, and exported to many countries and regions, resulting in significant social benefits.

ZYKC (Xiamen) Material Technology Co.,Ltd.

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