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Several Major Trends Of The Development Of 3D Printer

Several Major Trends Of The Development Of 3D Printer

Now with the rapid development of science and technology, people's life is slowly happened to turn the world upside down changes, in recent years the 3D printer was swept up. Next, small and everyone together to talk about several major trends in the development of 3D printer.

Several major trends of desktop 3D printer

1 desktop 3D printer will become more compact, easy to carry, looks more fashion, after a few years it will be like a computer easy to carry.

2 touch screen function, camera function, function of the Internet, there will be automatic repair function

3 thank you very much for the printing precision, print material is very cheap

4.. Digital technology education market space is huge, the domestic market is expected to maintain volume in more than 200 million sets, 3D printers into the family, into the school will become the norm, through the relevant news recently, will find that school more and more now the introduction of 3D printing education. 3D printing technology does not require long time process skills training, can easily complete the three-dimensional shape of the unbelievable. 3D print, can let the design thought everyone was liberated, how to make 3D become as pervasive as future mobile phone printer. Mobile phone terminal is behind the huge team of Internet technology and information technology team. Therefore, we must first solve the information transformation of the 3D printer, can adapt to the future of mobile Internet and mobile information network universal. At present, try to make every printer has a relatively strong background support, there are a lot of fans can easily upload their software, can be networked to a platform, automatically enter each cloud, to install a CPU 3D printer, the CPU can always upgrade, remote control, can auto repair, wrap, and automatic matching module combination.

Industrial 3D printer

Intelligent system platform, 1. The future of the industry pattern must be platform trends, is the integration of many advanced manufacturing technology, 3D printing is no exception.

2 full penetration of traditional manufacturing and coverage, but only a part of the production process and the application in the production process.

3 with the progress of technology, stability, precision will no longer difficult, materials can be a comprehensive breakthrough

After the 4 cost reduction, will take the lead in the casting and mould industries full penetration, and widely promote in other areas

5 printing speed will be significantly improved, a laser head or two laser head will no longer be the main factors of influencing the speed

The printer price decreased 6

3D bio printer

The 1 application will be greatly improved, not only stay in the printing of tooth and bone repair, printing part of human organs will become the norm

2 of the entire application process is relatively slow, mainly depends on the support of national policy level

3 complex cells tissues and organs of the printing and many technical problems need to break through

Building 3D printer

1 building 3D printer has printed out the house, the printing process is according to design drawings and computer programs, layers of material printing related components, and then transported to the site of related components, lifting. The standardization and mass construction field, 3D printing market is almost not.

2 for some special environment construction needs, will gradually be on trial.

3 Personalized buildings are widely used, but due to cost factors, at this stage is not necessarily has a larger advantage.

3D printing materials

1 the international monopoly materials enterprises will also keep three to five years of dominance

2 with the improvement of technology and 3D printing technology, the material will no longer be a problem for the development of the industry.

3 smart materials will A new force suddenly rises. The intelligent material is actually a kind of functional material, with time, temperature and other environmental changes

4 biodegradable materials will occupy the mainstream, other materials will be eliminated

5 the cost of the material will be significantly reduced.
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