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Which Range Of CNC Machining Centers Are Mainly Suitable For Processing?

Which Range Of CNC Machining Centers Are Mainly Suitable For Processing?


Machining centers can be used in various industries. It especially plays an important role in in the core industries that some countries attach great importance to. Machining center mainly processes box workpiece, complex surface workpiece, special-shaped workpiece, plate workpiece, set workpiece, plate workpiece and other complex shape workpiece. They can be processed by using the machining center.

Processing box workpiece

Machining centers generally require high precision holes and planes to process box-type workpieces. When you are machining centers process box-type workpieces, a single clamping can complete 60%-95% of the processing process.

Machining Complex Surface Workpiece

Generally, the processing of complex surface workpieces is based on four-axis machining centers. For example, five-axis machining centers can process all kinds of complex surface workpieces. Simple surface workpieces can also be processed by three-axis machining centers. However, ball-end milling cutters must be used to complete the three-coordinate machining. The processing efficiency is high, but the efficiency is relatively low. Three-axis machining center can not be used to process complex surface workpiece, because three-axis machining center can only process simple surface workpiece. Complex surface workpiece can not be processed, such as impeller, blade, marine propeller and other complex surface parts. They need five-axis machining center to complete the processing.

Machining Special-shaped Workpieces

What is a special-shaped workpiece? The special-shaped workpiece is a part composed of points, lines and surfaces. Its shape is very strange and irregular. To process such workpiece, a five-axis linkage machining center is needed. The more complex the shape of special-shaped parts is, the higher the precision requirement is. It shows the superiority of the processing center, such as bracket, etc.

Workpieces of Machining Plate, Sleeve and Plate

There are many such workpieces, including disk sleeve or shaft workpiece with keyway and radial hole, planar porous system, curved surface, such as flanged bush, shaft workpiece with keyway or square head, plate workpiece with porous processing, such as various motor covers and so on.


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