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3D Printing Process

3D Printing Process

Three dimensional design

The design process of 3D printing is: first through the modeling of computer modeling software, and then built a three-dimensional model of the "partition" into the layer section, namely the section, so as to guide the printer print layer.

Between the design software and printer standard file format is STL file format collaboration. The surface of a STL file using triangle surface to approximate the object. The smaller the triangle surface generated higher resolution. PLY is a 3D scanner produced by scanning the file, or WRL files generated by VRML which is often used as the input file full color printing.

The printing process

The cross section information of the printer by reading the file in use, liquid, powder or flake materials will be printed out by the section layer, and each layer section in a variety of ways together to create an entity. The characteristics of this technology is almost can produce any kind of goods.

With the thickness of the printer section (Z direction) resolution and plane direction X-Y direction is DPI (pixels per inch) or micron to calculate. The average thickness of 100 microns, i.e. 0.1 mm. The plane direction can be printed with a laser printer with similar resolution. Print out the "ink" diameter is usually 50 to 100 microns. Create a model usually takes several hours to several days in the traditional way, according to the model of the size and complexity of the. Using 3D printing technology can shorten the time for several hours, of course it is by the printer performance and model size and complexity of the.

The traditional manufacturing techniques such as injection molding method for manufacturing polymer products with low cost, and 3D printing technology can be faster, more flexible and lower cost production of a relatively small number of products. A desktop 3D printer size can meet the needs of designers or concept development group manufacturing model.


A common structure of 3D is difficult to achieve

The 3D printer resolution is sufficient for most applications (on the bending surface may be relatively rough, like the image on the sawtooth like) to obtain a higher resolution, things can be through the following methods: first, using a 3D printer currently play a bigger body, a little after surface grinding can obtain smooth surface the "high resolution" items.

Some technologies can also use a variety of materials for printing. Some technical support will be used in the printing process, such as some upside down shaped object on the need to use some easy to remove things in print (such as soluble things) as support.
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