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CNC Machining

CNC Machining

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  • SLA600D DLC 3D Printer

    SLA600D DLC 3D Printer

    May 29, 2019Superior stabilityThe whole machine adopts one-piece of the thick and special square tube, the main frame is integrally formed, the printing datum plane is selected Jinan granite, the Z-axis module is...view
  • SLA600E DLC 3D Printer

    SLA600E DLC 3D Printer

    May 29, 2019Ultra PreciseThe beam quality has been upgraded and accuracy increased further. This allows for an even wider range of complex structures to be printed.view
  • Mass Production

    Mass Production

    April 26, 2019We have dozens of large injection molding machines to meet most of the mass production requirements and to ensure that your parts can be delivered on time, we have provided mass production services fo...view
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