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3D Print Facial Reconstruction To Help Investigate The Unknown Dead State Of Ohio

3D Print Facial Reconstruction To Help Investigate The Unknown Dead State Of Ohio

Earlier this year, a woman in the wreckage was found in Green County in Ohio. In order to identify the identity of the deceased, Ohio Criminal Investigation Bureau found the Ohio State University and the forensic artist Samantha Molnar, the two together for the dead made facial reconstruction part is 3D printing and hope this can help someone to identify the dead.

The debris was in May 1st this year in a forest in Ohio, Spring Valley Township found. The authorities said it might have been lying there for three months to a year, and this makes it very difficult to identify the identity. In order to assist in the investigation, the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Ohio State University with a 3D printer to rebuild the skulls of the dead, then Molnar spent 50-60 hours to add facial details on the characteristics of clay.

The researchers do not know the hair is what it looks like, Molnar can only give the skull model adding a common hairstyle. According to the Ohio State University's skull reconstruction team, this is their first by copying a real human skull to restore a realistic skull.

"It is the first time we print a real human skull," Ohio State University technician Jay Young said, "the model is based on the construction of the Dead Skull CT scanning, it is accurate to about 0.1 mm. Therefore, the details of the skull is quite accurate."

According to Molnar, in the 3D printing process caused by the complex emotional reconstruction. "When picked up the skulls of the dead, I feel a kind of sad. It is not just a 3D printing model, is a human skull. The thought of a family member to family a Christmas or thanksgiving day, my mood is very heavy."

Molnar said, eyes, ears and nose began to form after the reconstruction of the face began to have the personal characteristics, which can be identified. According to the day of the Dead Skull agency, due to lack of the mandible (lower jaw), the reconstruction process clearly needs a large degree of speculation. Ignore this account, facial reconstruction is an effective means of identification, and 3D printing will make the process more accurate.

Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine in a news release on Thursday said: "this is someone's daughter, a member of a family, a personal friend of her identity should be determined. Now, we recover her face, we hope to soon be able to determine her name. We sincerely hope that someone will recognize this model."
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