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Diagram Of | Love A City, Then Print Out The 3D!

Diagram Of | Love A City, Then Print Out The 3D!

Jewelry with magic power to arouse people's special memory, usually people just looking at they will have a sense of belonging. For example, the "exquisite building ring series" let us famous scenic spots around the world can be worn on the hand, when our heart is with the ornament flying to a distant and mysterious world of the other side.

Diagram Of | Love A City, Then Print Out The 3D!
This group of works today to introduce from artist Tarja Sally Vienna (Talia Sari Wiener), her creation of 3D printing necklace and rings series will each big city map into which she will this series named "you will be here". In this work, the grid design of city streets is to convert complex fashion and a minimalist style, New York, Paris and London Metropolitan are noisy layout traits reflected.

It is reported that Vienna is also famous Chinese 3D printing service platform to create a map of the contracted designer, she made the ring online price 3500 yuan RMB.

The works of Vienna's beauty lies in its exquisite and delicate structure. You can wear these pictures and their perception of geometric symbolism in the body and its importance to you. At the same time, the structure is not very understanding other people will appreciate these works abstract color charming. Each piece of necklaces and rings are used to create 24K gold or silver to meet consumer tastes.
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