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3D Print Head Technology In Lucheng

3D Print Head Technology In Lucheng

Sanya in May 18, in recent years, with the medical demand, accurate, personalized, 3D printing technology gradually in the domestic medicine clinical application in the open. Today, Third People's Hospital of Hainan Province officially introduced 3D printing digital Department of orthopedics center, the hospital is also the province's first introduced the technology of the hospital

In traditional surgery, CT, MRI, the images are all flat, sometimes operation bring some error to the doctor making, influence the effect of surgical treatment. 3D printing as Department of orthopedics clinical application is a new technology, using the technology of digital precision, can greatly improve the success rate of surgical treatment

Department of orthopedics director Pan Fuwen introduced the third people's Hospital in the Department of orthopedics, the clinical application of 3D printing technology, data processing and limb CT scans after sent to the 3D printer, print out the 1:1 simulation model skeleton. By in vitro reduction, the doctor can understand the full range of patients with fractures, thus making surgical treatment effective and accurate, to shorten operation time, reduce surgical trauma, improve operation quality, reduce the medical risk, help the patients to recover quickly, reasonable and provide a strong guarantee

At the same time, through the skeleton model, the doctor can clearly understand the patients with the type of fracture, joint fixation material, the degree and direction of displacement, and to develop in line with the patients with fracture accurate, before surgery, doctors communicate with skeletal model and patients, the intuitive understanding of the fracture, helps to strengthen the doctor-patient communication

It is reported that, at present, the third people's hospital introduced two sets of 3D printers, can also use the operation. Through the extensive use of the technology, the digital hospital department of orthopedics center will enhance the technical level, while boosting the hospital in the construction of digital hospital.
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