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Gold Hit 1 Billion 400 Million! GE Today Announced The Acquisition Of Arcam AB And SLM Solutions

Gold Hit 1 Billion 400 Million! GE Today Announced The Acquisition Of Arcam AB And SLM Solutions

The Swedish GE holding company said Tuesday that it will acquire Arcam price of SEK 285 per share offer, calculated from the company's valuation of 5 billion 860 million kronor ($684 million 600 thousand).

It is reported that the Swedish Arcam is listed in the Stockholm stock exchange. Electron beam melting its proprietary (EBM) metal 3D printing technology enjoys high reputation in the market, is considered the world's top metal 3D printing equipment suppliers. The company's equipment is mainly used in aerospace, medical and other industries.

Compared to Arcam shares yesterday's closing price, the acquisition of GE is a premium of up to about 53%. It is a subsidiary of GE GE Arcam is one of the largest airline customers.

In addition, the German GE agency is in a bid for Arcam's German rival SLM Solutions. GE announced plans to 38 euros per share, the total price of 683 million euros ($762 million) acquisition of SLM Solutions, the success of the 3D printing machine based on laser metal used in aerospace, energy, healthcare and automotive. GE said it has agreed to buy SLM from the 31.5% major shareholders of the shares.

GE announced that, after the acquisition of two companies by GE CEO David Joyce aviation group to lead the development of integration and management, the company will focus on 3D printing technology and service industry. David Joyce said that the two companies are in the respective technical research on the outstanding performance, is the added strength GE into increasing material manufacturing industry is very good, GE will further expand equipment and related products.

CEO Jeff Immelt and the GE group also said in a statement: "3D printing technology is an important part of GE innovation into the digital industry company. In this way our world will be more creative and productive, but also will make GE group productivity strive for further improvement. GE Group expects the technology to 2020 will generate $1 billion in economic benefits, is expected in the next ten years will be for the company to reduce the production cost of 30-50 billion dollars."

Since 2010, GE has invested $1 billion 500 million in large industry increasing material manufacturing industry. These investments will fully accelerate GE application in various departments and the in-depth development of the six sector penetration GE.

Arcam AB

In 2015 revenue of SEK 576 million, approximately 285 employees.

Arcam AB (ARCM) listed in sweden.

Arcam AB is a global electron beam melting (EBM) metal 3D printing leader, the main customers are Department of orthopedics implant manufacturers and aerospace industry manufacturers. In 2015 sold 42 sets of EBM additive manufacturing system in 2013, only 27 sets. Beijing China ikang medical 3D printing implant Department of orthopedics to obtain approval, is the use of Arcam metal 3D printer.

SLM Solution

In 2015 revenues of 66 million 140 thousand euros, about 260 employees.

SLM Solution G (AM3D) Germany Frankfurt listed.

SLM Solution from Germany, the main use is similar to the selective laser sintering (SLS) metal 3D printing technology, the use of electron beam 3D laser melting the metal inside the printer, called selective laser melting (SLM), with the technology related patents.

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