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Provide 7 Entrepreneurial Opportunities In 3D Printing Industry

Provide 7 Entrepreneurial Opportunities In 3D Printing Industry

The lack of core technology, Chinese manufacturing industry engaged in the lowest part of the profit processing industry chain manufacturing, which is Chinese manufacturing has been criticized as "the main reason is big but not strong". With China labor, land, environmental protection and other factors of the rising costs, some traditional manufacturing enterprises have begun to tilt from the manufacturing company to technical service. Unfortunately, some of the emerging field of manufacturing, Chinese company from the beginning will lose the advantage of core technology.

3D printing to the integration of traditional manufacturing industry

In the emerging in recent years, a three-dimensional computer model based on the design, metal powder, ceramic powder, tissue and other special materials as raw materials, the final shape of the print type physical product manufacturing technology, 3D printing industry, China company is still facing such difficulties.

From the local to the world in the past 30 years, the low cost of manufacturing China temporarily cover up the lack of core technology. With "Chinese manufacturing" demographic dividend "difficult to continue, a large number of dependent China manufacturing manufacturers are fleeing China, making the China manufacturing industry is facing a hitherto unknown crisis.

This time, the young 3D printing industry in promoting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing Chinese high hopes, not only is speeding up and to the integration of traditional 3D printing manufacturing industry, this will also frequently appear in the official documents China government, including the overall planning of the Ministry of industry, Ministry of science and technology documents.

Chinese will be implemented widely in digital manufacturing in 2020

Compared with the traditional large factory manufacturing, 3D printing will be the subject of digital manufacturing, and then create a digital model in the print materials meet the requirements of the situation, you can batch print products to meet the market demand, not only material saving, low cost, and digital, intelligent, and this is the "2025 China manufacturing planning" agree without prior without previous consultation. The Champions League Asian Manufacturing Director General Luo Baihui said, in the ten year plan for the Chinese government is formulating the file, put the digital and intelligent integration of information technology and manufacturing technology and manufacturing depth as the main line of future development. Chinese will be implemented widely in 2020 and in 2020 after the digital manufacturing, focus on the promotion of intelligent manufacturing.

3D print their own advantages and government support for the industry is very optimistic about the high-profile. China 3D printing technology industry alliance Secretary General Luo more bluntly, China has the potential to become the world's largest 3D printing market, this market can be increased from about 1 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan in the next three years.

However, subject to patent restrictions, although the China 3D printing industry to achieve the different degree of self-sufficiency in equipment, materials, software and other core areas, but this is not enough, China's 3D printing is still at the research stage, and the equipment level was significantly higher than china.

If you can not achieve a breakthrough in core technology, the industry will still slow development. To solve this problem, China to increase investment in scientific research, scientific research and guide the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries combined; strengthen dialogue with international counterparts, timely tracking and understanding of advanced technology and the development direction of international counterparts, and to strengthen international cooperation.

The lack of core patents has attracted the attention of the government, in fact, the relevant government documents also emphasized the technical aspects of 3D printing. It is reported that in 2017, the government plans to cultivate 5 to 10 annual output value of over 500 million yuan, with a strong ability of research and development and application of 3D printing company, and a number of R & D and industrialization demonstration base formed in the country.

As of now, China enterprises have also made certain achievements in the research and development of core technology, and in the industrial chain of supplies, equipment and other aspects of the formation of a number of well-known enterprises. For example, Huashu Tech in 2011 successfully developed the first Chinese selective laser sintering equipment, which is also the world's third high-end selective laser sintering equipment manufacturers.

A good China 3D printing industry news, a number of key patents hinder 3D printers into the market has expired, including the core patented technology of laser sintering (laser sintering) - this is a kind of 3D rapid prototyping technology, which directly makes up for China in 3D printing technology patent is inadequate.
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