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3D Print Villa Debut In Suzhou One Layer Of Building Materials To Print Just One Day

3D Print Villa Debut In Suzhou One Layer Of Building Materials To Print Just One Day

Recently, building 3D printing technology building debut in Suzhou industrial park. This group of buildings including a building area of about 1100 square meters villa, a 5 storey residential buildings and a simple exhibition hall, the walls of the building by the large 3D printer and printing, and the use of "ink" is made of a small amount of steel, cement and construction waste. According to reports, the benefits of 3D printing is the largest building energy saving, material saving. How to print out these buildings? How to safety and price, whether people can live? 19, modern express reporter with these questions conducted field visits.

3D printing house, cheap half

Yesterday afternoon, reporters came to the surplus of innovative materials located in the Suzhou Industrial Park (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as itmake). The first thing in front of a building area of over 1000 square meters of European style villa. In addition to the "villa Aluminum Alloy doors and windows, are printed in our company." Zheng Jian Yingchuang responsible person briefed reporters on the road.

Reporters carefully looked at the villa walls, different from the traditional building of the wall is 3D, print the wall showing a thread like structure of Baumkuchen, tap the wall, you can hear the sound of the empty.

Zheng Jian introduced, they 3D printing wall strength is 5 times that of ordinary cement, and is hollow, more insulation. The reporter saw, although 3D printing wall is relatively light, in order to strengthen the firmness of the wall, the wall with triangular support structure.

According to reports, the building of about 1100 square meters villa, from the print materials to assemble into the house, only about 1 months time, saving building materials from 30% to 60%, shorten the construction period 50% to 70%, saving labor 50% to 80%, the construction cost can be saved at least 50%, and the earthquake effect and heat effect will increase. Overall, 3D printing house prices than ordinary residential buildings, half the price.

Zheng Jian told reporters that the current national standard 3D printing architecture and they are built in eight innings, Shanghai Tongji Architectural Design Institute jointly developed in China, so that the quality index of 3D printing architecture will be "pillars" may.

A layer of building, print materials for just one day

The villa next to a 5 storey buildings, known as the world's highest 3D printing architecture, from the basement and five floors, each floor construction area of 200 square meters. Reporters learned that the construction of a layer of this house, printing materials in a day, 5 workers only need to spend three days to build a good. "This house is our laboratory building, the construction of the average time of each layer is 5 days, 100 meters high building foundation is done." Zheng Jiantan said, each to build a layer, will bring a certain degree of difficulty, the concrete can be made to the number of layers, they did not end.

So, the building of the wall is how to print out? Zheng Jian said: "Genetech concentrate on 3D printing has been 12 years, printing building 3D printer, the principle is the same with the ordinary printer."

Their "printer" is 6.6 meters high and 10 meters wide, 32 meters long, covers an area at the bottom of a basketball court, height of three storeys high. Now can only print material width is 1.2 meters, but the length is unlimited long.

Start the "print", according to design drawings and computer programs are controlled by computer, a huge jet nozzle ink jet head, cream decorating, ink was "Z" shaped arrangement, superimposed layers, and soon the ascent of the side walls. After that, the walls are also piled like building blocks, and reinforced concrete for the two "print" perfusion, integrated. Zheng Jian introduced, in 24 hours can print out the 10 buildings of 200 square meters of construction.

Some questions

How the quality of

The building of the strength and fastness are in line with the construction industry and higher than the national standard

Then print the building "ink" is made of what material? "Is the main raw material for industrial garbage and mine tailings, cement and a small amount of steel, and special additives." Zheng Jian said, the sands of the desert to them is like "gold", is a good raw material, can use local materials do sand wall, vertical green wall, sand sand.

3D printing house quality, Zheng Jian also said that with the villa, the walls of the building are hollow, hollow wall not only greatly reduce the weight of the building itself, but also free to fill insulation materials, and any design of wall structure, solve the wall bearing structure, so it is a bridge, barracks still, the theatre, hotel and residential building, its strength and fastness are in line with the construction industry and higher than the national standard.

What are the advantages

You can print to your house to a private custom

With the development of society, many people have been unable to meet the building shape is satisfactory, some non-standard construction has become the problem of traditional construction industry.

"Why the house must be square the regulations in the moment?" asked Zheng Jian, "I want a big house: top, bottom of the Le Louvre Museum in Pyramid, the Great Wall wall...... These dreams would come true." Zheng Jian said, Jiangyin farmhouse tourism companies are talking, the future may be to build some shape like a "carrot", "cabbage" house, "the traditional industries are impossible to create such a shape." In fact, the building structure is more complex, more obvious advantages of 3D printing technology. "We can print out the way you want, give your house a private custom."

At present, this print building has been put on the market. At the end of last year, the Egyptian authorities ordered 20 thousand sets of houses, as the local resettlement housing.


Construction experts said, to be truly universal 3D printing house, I also need to consider

Although 3D printing house theory works well, but when the scale becomes larger, may suddenly fail. Therefore, 3D printing house may only be used in temporary buildings.

The Architecture Department of Tongji University professor Lai Zengxiang had said in an interview, 3D printing innovation in the construction of new materials development and construction process of exploration is laudable, but to be truly universal 3D printing house, I also need to consider. For example, constitutes the 3D printing ink is mainly high grade cement and glass fiber. According to his knowledge, some countries prohibit the extensive use of glass fiber construction, because the glass fiber will affect the human respiratory system. Recovery of high strength cement in the future also have difficulty.

In addition, residential housing, not only to shape, more needs a comprehensive consideration of many aspects of the internal structure, comprehensive strength, stiffness, fire resistance, service life etc.. The "ink" bearing strength and durability and other indicators of compliance with the standards, experts have yet to be the authority of inspection and certification.
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