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The Next 3~5 Years Will Enter The Era Of 3D Printing

The Next 3~5 Years Will Enter The Era Of 3D Printing

The movie "cloud", the clone with a 3D printer in less than 2 seconds of time for the guests quickly making delicacy picture impressed the audience.

Now this advanced printing technology has entered people's life. International Mould Association Secretary General, economic development research center, China international industry invited researcher Luo Baihui said that 3D printing technology is not only a kind of business opportunities, in the next 3~5 years will become an industry. Of course, 3D printing is also a double-edged sword, in the social development bring good news at the same time, there are also some threats.

In early April 2012, 3D printing technology is the British "economist" magazine called the "third industrial revolution". This year's "NPC and CPPCC" period, the Ministry official said, 3D printing strategic planning are being developed. Liaoning Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Institute, social science information studies researcher Lu Hua said that some 3D printers appear on the market now is only played a small part of the 3D technical strength, for our old industrial base in Northeast China and even the whole industry, the manufacturing industry, the next 3-5 years will enter the era of 3D printing.

The development of the four factors of 3D Technology

The application of 3D technology at home and abroad have been recognized, but in Baihui view, the development speed of this technology may be a bit slow, the main restricting factors in four aspects:

First, people's awareness. Although 3D printing technology continues to develop, even have folk expert of their own developed 3D printer, but from the current situation, this technology has not been known to ordinary people. People do not understand the technology, it is difficult to form the market, no market development will restrict the industry.

Second, design and development is difficult. Now on the market most of the 3D printing technology is still some small objects such as printing, glass, shoes, human statues, but it only plays a small part of 3D technology. In the future, 3D printing technology will be more involved in the industry and manufacturing industry. In the future, even aircraft, tanks and even aircraft carrier construction can be achieved by this technology, but these weapons "print" is not the same as those little things so easily. For example, to print a human statue, can through the scanning equipment body data scanning, data transmission will get into the computer, then printed by 3D printer. But for some large volume or no template objects must be accomplished by design (size design and process requirements), at this point, there are still some difficulties.

Third, raw materials. Now the raw materials used by most 3D printer from plastic to metal and resin, in the future development of which only the raw material is not enough. For example, in the medical field, people probably will use dentures 3D printing technology to print out in the future, what kind of raw material for the manufacture of dentures dentures, no security risks and really beautiful teeth? For example, the "print" landing gear, it is an important part of aircraft wear is very serious, during takeoff and landing, so in the future with the landing gear production 3D printing technology will have to be taken into account in the strength, stiffness and toughness, it is a technical problem, and it is difficult for the material.

Fourth, development of the printer itself. 3D printing technology is mainly based on 3D printers and computers, now the development of the computer it is self-evident, from R & D machine itself to the corresponding software configuration is basically do not have to worry about. While the domestic market sales of 3D printer from ten thousand yuan to several thousand dollars in twenty. The low-end equipment can print human statues, dolls and other small objects, the higher end may print some bicycle wheels, etc.. As for the future of the industry and the manufacturing industry, this type of 3D printer is not enough, it needs to improve the performance of the printer itself, only features a more comprehensive, more platform, you can print out more useful things.

3D printing technology is a double-edged sword.

At present 3D printing technology is a double-edged sword, bring opportunities and make contribution to social development to entrepreneurs at the same time, it brings about a threat." Luo Baihui said, "for the current control of 3D weapon" has two problems: one is the source of control, the latest news is printing guns 3D software can automatically alarm; on the other hand is the detection of weapons. 3D printing gun manufacturing method is simple and fast, general 3D printer can make. Because the 3D printer low price, large quantity, wide distribution, can be easily manufactured at home and abroad, which increases the difficulty to the source of governance. Second, because of China's "gun" very strict laws, any business units and individuals without permission are not allowed to manufacture, collection of guns, those illegal weapons manufacturing 3D printing will not disclose the "print" 3D weapons information, which give us control 3D printing pistols and other weapons work will bring great difficulty.

On the other hand, the first 3D printing pistol for Cody Wilson manufactured for example, except for a metal, the rest are plastic, respectively by 3D printer print. 3D printing pistol damage and stealth is strong, non metal materials to replace the metal hammer striker 3D printed guns for firing pin or other carbon steel with higher hardness, the guns are non metallic materials, can deceive the metal detector, avoid safety check. And the 3D printed gun can be decomposed to carry guns in single parts after the split of appearance is unable to distinguish the nature and purposes, not in the current provisions of the scope of contraband. Because of the limit of detection by technology, 3D printing plastic pistol is difficult to accurately detect through security scanners, to bring the difficulty of hitherto unknown security work.
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