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The State Council

The State Council

After Premier Li Keqiang signed the State Council issued in August 8th "," 13th Five-Year "National Science and technology innovation plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), clearly put forward the next five years, the national science and technology innovation as the guiding ideology, general requirements, strategic tasks and reform measures.

"Planning" a blueprint for the development of science and technology innovation in the next five years, the overall objective of "13th Five-Year" science and technology innovation. It is understood that the release of the "planning" in 2025 and Chinese repeatedly mentioned the manufacturing material manufacturing growth:

The State Council
The second chapter mentioned fourth overall deployment:

The next five years, the work of scientific and technological innovation in China will focus on the further implementation of the outline of the national development strategy to drive the "13th Five-Year" planning and innovation, strong support "2025 China manufacturing", "Internet", network power, marine power, space power, health China construction, the development of civil military integration, "The Belt and Road construction, Beijing Hebei collaborative development, the Yangtze River economic belt development implementation of the national strategy, give full play to the innovation of science and technology in promoting industrial development towards the end, add new energy, expand the development of new space, improve the quality and efficiency of development in the core leading role.

The fourth chapter mentioned second column 3 - 2030 major projects in science and technology innovation:

6 intelligent manufacturing and robot. In an intelligent, efficient, collaborative, green and safe development of the overall objective, construction of network collaborative manufacturing platform, research and development of intelligent robots, high-end equipment, three-dimensional (3D) printing equipment, the fundamental capacity of solid manufacturing.

The fifth chapter third the development of intelligent green manufacturing technology and services referred to in article tenth:

The key technology of robot development, intelligent sensing, intelligent control, micro nano manufacturing, complex manufacturing systems, intelligent development of major equipment, electronic manufacturing equipment, intelligent robot, the key equipment material manufacturing and laser manufacturing technology and manufacturing industry, to promote intelligent development.

6 increase in material manufacturing. Development of high performance metal structure laser additive manufacturing control theory based shape control, capture the high precision laser additive manufacturing cladding nozzle and other core components, development of metal and non biological printing and typical process equipment, to build a relatively complete additional material manufacturing technology innovation and R & D system.

Focus on the development of mobile Internet, quantum information, artificial intelligence technology, promote the development of increasing material manufacturing, intelligent robots, unmanned vehicle technology, pay attention to gene editing, profound impact on stem cells, synthetic biology and regenerative medicine technology of life science, biology, bio breeding industry field, the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell etc. a new generation of energy technology, play a leading role in nanotechnology, intelligent technology, such as graphene on the development of new materials industry.

Column 7 new material technology

5 advanced structural materials. The high performance fiber and composite materials, high temperature alloy as the core, with lightweight materials, metal matrix and ceramic matrix composite materials, surface engineering, 3D printing materials as the focus, major scientific problem solving design and structural material control, breakthrough structure and composite material preparation and application of key technologies to enhance the advanced structure the material support capability and international competitiveness.

Column 10 advanced biotechnology

1 common frontier biotechnology. Accelerate the genomics of new technology, synthetic biological technology, biological data, 3D bio printing technology, brain science and artificial intelligence, gene editing technology and structural biology frontiers in life sciences breakthroughs in key technologies, strengthening the Bio Industry Development and life science research of key equipment research and development, enhance the frontiers of biotechnology in our country to seize the original level. The commanding heights of the international biological technology competition.

3 biomedical materials. The function of tissue replacement, repair, intelligent control direction, to accelerate breakthroughs in key technologies, 3D bio printing material surface biological function and test evaluation method, a new generation of biological materials, focusing on the layout can be induced by biomaterials and tissue engineering products, a new generation of interventional medical devices, artificial organs and other major strategic products, improve medical grade raw materials standards, the construction of a new generation of biomedical materials product innovation chain, improve industrial competitiveness of biomedical materials.

11 modern food manufacturing technology column

2 Mechanical equipment. Study on the mechanical property, food equipment, digital design, information, simulation and optimization principle of the new method, new research, new sterilization, non thermal processing, efficient separation, automatic packaging and other common equipment, energy saving, high efficiency, continuous extrusion drying baking, 3D printing and other key equipment, as well as continuous, automation, intelligent and the engineering complete sets of processing equipment, upgrading equipment upgrades to provide support for food.

The fifth chapter ten, disruptive technology development to lead the industrial revolution

To win the competitive advantage in the new round of industrial revolution. Focus on the development of mobile Internet, quantum information, artificial intelligence technology, promote the development of increasing material manufacturing, intelligent robots, unmanned vehicle technology.
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