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What to Pay Attention to in CNC Machining

What to Pay Attention to in CNC Machining

CNC processing is very common in hardware processing factories, but what should we pay attention to in processing? Shenzhen Jianfeng Hardware Manufactory pays attention to safe production and efficient processing. Next, you will learn how to carry out CNC numerical control processing and what you should pay attention to.

Tools/raw materials

CNC numerical control lathe


Die and Product Matching Tolerance

●The coordinated positioning of upper and lower shells is guaranteed by the stop, and the tolerance of concave and convex stops is generally chosen as 0.1 on one side.

●Usually the shape of fittings (such as transparent mirrors) on the large body is 0.1-0.2 smaller than the size of the large body on one side.

●The shape of the movable parts (such as buttons) on the big body is 0.1-0.5 smaller than that on the single side of the big body.

●If the surface shape of the fittings is the same as that of the body, it can be pruned from the corresponding position on the body surface.

Snatch knife, bullet knife, drop knife

The phenomenon of large feed, long clamping length and small tool diameter often occur. When the corner radius and the same radius of the tool are machined, the shape and size of the tool are inaccurate. It is called tool grabbing, which can be solved by layering and clearing the angle with a smaller diameter of the tool, and then changing the large smooth side of the tool. When the depth is low and large, it can be processed by layers.

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